The Radical Educator Collective was a group of teachers that formed during a delegation to Venezuela in July of 2019. It is composed primarily of three educators: Fabiana Casas, Valeria Vargas, and Sarah Chambers. All three educators currently teach in Chicago, Illinois and are members of the Chicago Teachers Union. Richard Berg (Organizer) also participated in the delegation to Venezuela and has collaborated on a majority of the posts published so far.

Pictured (left to right): Chambers, Vargas, Casas

While we were inspired by the CTU Executive Board and House of Delegates resolution denouncing U. S. intervention in Venezuela, the opinions here are our own. Also the trip was financed through personal funds and fundraising projects. 

To learn more about the purpose of our delegation and its members, please visit this blog post: Introduction to CTU Delegation to Venezuela

Our Future

While this blog is meant to maintain providing as many ongoing updates about the struggle in Venezuela as possible, we also want to give other educators the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge regarding education, best practices, and important legislation. If you want to contribute a new topic to our blog or contribute to the happenings in Venezuela, please contact us.

Support Us

If you want to support our efforts in spreading the truth of what is happening in Venezuela and help amplify the voices of its people, here are a few examples of how you can help.

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Have questions about our trip? Want to schedule an interview or conference call to help share our experience? Want to contribute to our blog or join the collective? Please send all questions and inquiries to the email below:

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